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Homesickness by Min

… It is a flying bird without feet but never gets tired It is a strong tree without roots but never turns weak It keeps disturbing wonderful dreams Hence souls wander forever … Min was a student of mine during my Wuhan University stay in […]

Life by Daniel

… Life is a big book on whose edges we write down comments. … … Daniel was a student of mine the summer of 2008. The night before I flew back to the States, I took Daniel and some other students—mostly from my poetry workshop—Baker, […]

The Storm: Creation of a Poem

… In Wuhan, China, summer of 2008, one stormy evening after my poetry workshop, Richard, a young scientist majoring in Physics, offered to walk me back to the hotel sharing his umbrella in the pouring rain as we made it up the steps built into […]

Forget: Beautiful thoughts simply expressed

… Beautiful thoughts aren’t always pretty and neither are beautiful words. At the poetry workshop this summer at Wuhan I’d show two short poems by Alice Notley that were simple to understand. Here is one of them. After Tsang Chih I was brought up in […]

My Brother by Yu

… A class of mine did great speeches. The speech I liked the best was given by a young man named Yu who is so nervous that when he speaks his right hand is clenched in a fist and his left hand has all five […]

Poets in my Homeroom: Wuhan 2010

Some of my homeroom students also attended my poetry workshop. As I’ve mentioned before they aren’t English majors or poets. They are scientists and mathematicians. Li Feng works with electric information, Lily is a chemist, Celeste and Kelvin are studying statistics. “Mathematics is the language […]

A Mirror by Muhammad Izchi

… This short poem was written summer of 2010 by Muhammad, a Muslim student of mine from western China. He is the first student at Wuhan I’ve ever had who wasn’t Hun Chinese. There are more foreign students on campus, particularly from Africa, that I […]

Dusk by Ruiqi Liu

… When I first met Rich, the summer of 2008, I thought she was very shy, but I also knew she was confident enough to give me a poem she had written for a class assignment. Like most of my poets, she’s a scientist, pharmaceutical […]

You Are Beautiful by Di Wu

… Every country has its radicals, thank goodness, most within a stone’s throw, and if you look, you will find them, like the truth. Even radicals can be in love, and feel its pangs, and write about it. You are beautiful like the blooming flowers. […]

Eden writes a poem after Alice Notley (a beautiful thought)

… Eden is my youngest student. She is 15 and still in high school. Like many 15 year olds, Eden is a joy: every moment is something new. After reading a poem by Alice Notley called UNTITLED about her youngest son, Edmund My little boy’s […]

My Heart by Nicolas

A poem in English written by someone whose first language isn’t English is often very beautiful, other skin over its bones. Like many of my students in China, Nicolas is a scientist. My Heart My heart is a fragile vessel Love is a seed Soil […]

On Passion by Richard He

… This little poem with the fewest words possible says it all. … You see it raining and rushing Like beasts, and roaring You tremble at it and pray It keeps on pouring. … …