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Michael Lally reads from Another Way to Play, St. Mark’s Poetry Project, May 9, 2018

… Michael Lally had and has the knack to make the matter of fact profound, which might be easy enough to read, but isn’t as easy as it sounds; seeing the essence of a thing is a gift Michael had to hone over the years, […]

Michael Lally reads from ANOTHER WAY TO PLAY, Poems 1960 – 2017

… I’ve been working on a project recording poets reading poems or getting poets to send me videos of themselves reading poems that are in Readings In Contemporary Poetry, DIA Art Foundation, a recent anthology edited and beautifully put together by Vincent Katz, a book […]

Michael Lally reads Sports Heroes, Cops and Lace

… On a late day in June I took a train to Maplewood, New Jersey, a lovely little town where Michael Lally lives not too far from the tracks, a simple walk to his home. I wanted to record him reading “Sports Heroes, Cops and […]

Michael Lally reads Love Never Dies

… I had the luck of recording Michael Lally reading “Love Never Dies” when his new book, Swing Theory, was published by Hanging Loose Press in May of 2015, on the 10th of May to be exact. Love of course is not so exacting; though […]

Michael Lally reads Swing Theory

Swing Theory: 5 When I first read about string theory I thoughtWhat about swing theory? The ways the uni-verse is secretly governed by the same lawsthat sparked The Big Band Swing Era, parkswings and taking a swing at something orsomeone. I thought of “Swinging On […]

In my words, June 3 – 9

… … I’ve been going through papers and found a piece I wrote on June 11, 2001 called The Last Day of School. I was teaching at a public school then in a federally funded program helping inner city parents who’d been high school dropouts […]