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In my words, October 7 – 13

… On Tuesday afternoon I met Françoise on Rector Street at the R train’s downtown entrance because I wanted her to see the 9/11 Memorial before she returned to France. My friend lived, worked and wrote a novel in the East Village during the 80s […]

In my words, September 9 – 15

… When I was a kid, September made me happy because I looked forward to school and the new beginning that meant. In September summer ended, but the jars of beans, peaches, tomatoes, grape jelly and pickled cucumbers that my mother had been canning made […]

In my words, June 3 – 9

… … I’ve been going through papers and found a piece I wrote on June 11, 2001 called The Last Day of School. I was teaching at a public school then in a federally funded program helping inner city parents who’d been high school dropouts […]