Chapbooks: Words are Birds

I am making chapbooks of poetry I wrote in the 70s when I was in my 20s. They are out of print. I saw online that someone in England was selling a copy of Poet Laundromat for $200. I’m using the same designs as the books had then with illustrations by Stephen Spera and a new design by Nicole Pagliaro for The Prologue which really fits the poetry.

Making books at my own pace is a wonderful peaceful healthy happy event if I don’t get anxious wanting everything to be perfect. When you’re doing your own printing you have to be careful; one little mistake can really waste paper and ink. Don’t print and cook at the same time. Don’t talk on the phone. When you print, print.

The trick is to go with the flow, obvious yet hard and impossible if you forget the flow is you (or you are your flow) when you do what you like to do.


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