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Spring Sonnets

… On May 15, 2019 at 8 PM at the Poetry Project at Saint Mark’s Church on Second Avenue in New York City for the launch of my book, Spring Sonnets, Mitch Corber, the East Village recorder of such events, filmed me reading twelve sonnets […]


… … Fireflies Like the tips of smoldering sticks or coals they glow in the grass. The light over all begins to go. Night like a swooping bat or bats comes down from clouds and the white pines out of the vast abyss where a […]

Three Lovely Poems with Rotting Carcasses in Them: Baudelaire, Eberhart & Yorty

… Charles Baudelaire wrote Une Charogne to his lover, Jeanne Duval, a Haitian actress, who met him when she left Haiti for France in 1842. Whether she died sooner or lived longer than the poet is in dispute, though both would succumb to syphilis. She […]


… I wake the snakes on the way to the lake Coiling in leaves, slithering at my feet Half-seen in the low branches, thick brown waists Headless, tailless stone still in wait for me To trip them into slithering again. Are they going to bite? […]


… There was a transitory spider’s web clinging to a metaphoric branch of birch that I undid stupidly touching it as I was going down the mountain side, the troubled spider in the middle clinging to a strand of its work in the wind. Happily […]

Where the Heart Is

I’m on a grand jury, state of New York, special narcotics, ten in the morning to one in the afternoon every weekday for a month. It takes thirty-five minutes to get there by bus, forty-five minutes if I walk through the Lower East Side, Little […]


… … To be understood words are objective yet we understand them subjectively. When Willa Cather writes, “The long main street began at the church, the town seemed to flow from it like a stream from a spring,” the prose forms naturally from the simile. […]

Chapbooks: Words are Birds

… I am making chapbooks of poetry I wrote in the 70s when I was in my 20s. They are out of print. I saw online that someone in England was selling a copy of Poet Laundromat for $200. I’m using the same designs as […]