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Bernadette Mayer reads a poem for her 70th birthday: WALKING LIKE A ROBIN


take 3 or 4 steps then stop
look smell taste touch & hear
is there anything to eat?
oh look, there’s some caviar
it must be my birthday, thanks
i must be very old, like seventy
i guess i’m falling apart, i’ll just
sew myself back together but will it last?
please take a piece of me back home, each piece
is anti-war and don’t pay your rent, in fact
remember: property is robbery, give everybody
everything, other birds walk this way too

here’s a poem for youse guys
we saw Jurassic Park in 3D

Love B & P



  1. Susan Northcott

    Thanks for this. Colourful memories of staying with Bernadette, Philip and Hector……………

    Best wishes,

    Susan Northcott.

  2. Llisa

    Happy Birthday, Bernadette! Love your way with words. Wishing you all the best. Looking forward to another front porch evening with you and Phil at Jamey’s… come see us soon. xx

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