Monthly Archives: August 2021

Lonely Christopher reads from Death & Disaster Series

  Death & Disaster Series was written by Lonely Christopher during his early twenties when his mother was dying and shortly after she died, writing poems instead of committing suicide. I too had a hard time surviving my twenties so I can relate. I knew […]

Scottish Sonnets

  These sonnets were written during a trip I took from the Yorkshire Dales to Edinburgh with my friend Pat Maples in June of 2009. A few more were finished in July in the South Mountain in Pennsylvania. These sonnets are for Pat Maples. Enjoy […]

Jenna Cardinale reads from A California

  I read with Jenna Cardinale at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn recently. Not only was it great being at a live reading again, but I also enjoyed Jenna’s poetry and asked her then and there if she would read for the blog. So we […]

The English Garden around 11 oclock in the morning

  Yesterday, August the third, my friend Tom and I took our walk through Central Park. We always meet at 96th Street Central Park West and walk east from there through the ravine to the falls where we sometimes go up the hill from there […]

Summer Drawings by Arup Datta, Mostly in July

  Arup Datta lives in Kolkata. He is always drawing so at the end of the day he has something to show for it, or even mid-day. or, heck, sometimes in the morning, there he is drawing something charming.             […]