Monthly Archives: June 2022

Maged Zaher reads from The shadow that doesn’t leave the shirt

Although Maged Zaher was in Cairo and I was in New York, when he read via Zoom from his new book, The shadow that doesn’t leave the shirt, I felt that I could reach out and touch him. He is direct, philosophical and intimate, and […]

Annabel Lee reads Oracular Transcendentalism

Times flies and is truly transcendent. Several months ago, in a colder time, I went over to Jersey City where Annabel Lee currently lives in a beautiful apartment that is yet too small to contain all she does and is. There I recorded her reading […]

Daniel W.K. Lee reads from Anatomy of Want

I missed Daniel W.K. Lee’s reading at the Bureau when he was in town. I emailed him and asked if he would read some poems from his new book, Anatomy of Want, so I could share them on my blog. He did right away. Like […]

Alicia Ostriker reads from The Mother/Child Papers

  I read The Mother/Child Papers in one sitting. Perhaps it was so accessible because I was sitting by the Atlantic Ocean, at the same time of year as the book begins, in early May, but decades later. I like serendipity. With the added momentum […]

Daisy Fried reads from The Year the City Emptied, translations and adaptions from Les Fleurs du Mal

During the pandemic, while taking care of her dying husband, quarantined from friends, and without much help from Medicaid, one day in the spring of 2020, Daisy Fried read a translation of Baudelaire’s “Paysage” by John Ashbery, thought to herself, “I can do better than […]