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A Short Walk From My Door

What follows are a dozen short films, most around a minute or two, the record of a year, November 2011 to November 2012, travelogues I made during walks in the neighborhood and further out into the city. Sometimes I saw street art or something that […]

Where the Heart Is

I’m on a grand jury, state of New York, special narcotics, ten in the morning to one in the afternoon every weekday for a month. It takes thirty-five minutes to get there by bus, forty-five minutes if I walk through the Lower East Side, Little […]

Yangtze Sonnets

… I wrote first drafts of these poems in early August of 2006 over a few days going through the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River with some colleagues, fellow American faculty, who’d taught American Cultural Studies (I’d covered music) at Wuhan University that July. […]

Taking Down the Wreath

… Light several candles and notice that each candle’s flame is different like individuals, all flame but none the same. All we can do is flicker and whatever fears and doubts we carry cannot stop us, but merely go along, as we offer the light […]

Body Parts (from NY Chronicles 2001)

… Sunday was semi-sunny in spots, Memorial Weekend, Loisaida Day on Avenue C, the day you’re proud to be a Puerto Rican. There were squeals of happy children on the endless ferris wheel and a really good salsa band was playing, gift from Councilwoman Margarita […]

Children in La Plaza (from NY Chronicles 2001)

… … Children Planting Marigolds in La Plaza, May 20001 I just came from La Plaza where I planted marigolds with kids from the day care Sheltering Arms. First we looked for the frog at the fish pond, but the frog could not be found. […]

Sweet Little Angel: Wuhan, China: July 9 and 10, 2008

… July 9th I’m sitting in my hotel room in Wuhan; it’s about six-thirty in the morning. I got up at four, made some coffee and played guitar on the terrace, overlooking the campus and part of East Lake. I bought an acoustic guitar on […]

Yellow Spring

… APRIL 29, 2003 Here I am, a rainy day in Pennsylvania where I’ve been for ten days visiting my folks. Tomorrow I go back to New York and a lot of work. What a chilly morning. I hope the sun does come out soon […]

Oaxaca Sketches

… In January of 1995 I traveled in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico working on my novel, stopping to write at various places in detail. I stayed for awhile on the beach at Zipolete where I worked on the book, holed up at the Hotel […]

China Journal

Saturday, July 8, 2006 I am in the stuffy dining car of the train heading toward Wuhan, China as the dawn presents the passing countryside: farmland, stone houses, electric poles and wires, and a distant mountain range. There’s a tall granary, a beautiful stone wall. […]

Until the Rain

… On Sunday, around four, I decided to take a walk for a stretch and a breath. When I got to the street, I noticed the traffic light blinking Don’t Walk to Walk. I took out my camera and got a shot of that. Then […]

Home Movies: Roll with the Punches (Christmas at Rockefeller Center)

… December 4th on our first anniversary, Akram and I went to see Harry Potter at the Ziegfield, but got there late. I could’ve sworn it said 3:15 on the Internet. Instead of getting upset, we took a walk to see the Christmas tree at […]