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In my words, January 1 – 6

​Over the holidays, a friend was using a new paring knife while making dinner and cut three of her fingers and a thumb. Merry Christmas. Once, when I was a cook, I almost sliced off the top of my left index finger right through the […]

Yellow Spring

… APRIL 29, 2003 Here I am, a rainy day in Pennsylvania where I’ve been for ten days visiting my folks. Tomorrow I go back to New York and a lot of work. What a chilly morning. I hope the sun does come out soon […]

Sonnet 2: anti-Iraqi War sonnet

One of my favorite spots in the woods is Walnut Run, where a stream rushes from its springs in rocky waterfalls down the South Mountain making its way to the Susquehanna River and finally the Chesapeake Bay. Winter and spring it’s pretty easy to get […]