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In my words, November 18 – 24

… I was in Mr. Holt’s 9th grade science class when the principal Mr. Grumbine came on the intercom and announced that the president and the governor of Texas had been shot in Dallas, but there was no further news. So there was a glimmer […]

In my words, January 21 – 27

… Roman augurs … The word inauguration comes from Latin. An augur was a Roman priest who studied the flights of birds to predict the future in their patterns. The prefix in can mean no or not: immeasurable, incomplete, immoral. It can also mean a […]

In my words, January 1 – 6

​Over the holidays, a friend was using a new paring knife while making dinner and cut three of her fingers and a thumb. Merry Christmas. Once, when I was a cook, I almost sliced off the top of my left index finger right through the […]