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On Climbing Up and Down a Mountain

… Well, here I am on top of the mountain. Ready to walk down the mountain. And then I will walk back up again. You might think of it as easy first and hard second or you might think of it as one united thing. […]

February, South Mountain, Sun and Fog, Remembered, Forgotten

What a difference a day makes even at my father’s pond in the South Mountain, sunny one day, next day full of clouds. The beginning of the month, February 2 and 3. Who remembers those days now?

Early November at My Father’s Pond

… I grew up on the property where this pond is now. The pond didn’t used to be there. It was a swamp of springs that produced one mighty stream. My father in the early 70s bulldozed the swamp and made a dam, a beautiful […]

September in the South Mountain

… Here hopefully are some pictures that are worth a thousand words, anyway a walk in the woods, a stop by the pond, reflections for awhile of the passing clouds. … … … … … … … … … …

In my words, March 25 – 31

Here with Dad for a week in the South Mountain. For two days it snowed and drizzled. Akram and I slept, slowed down from New York. Thursday we walked up Fire Tower Road—we still call it that although no fire tower is at the top […]

Sonnet 2: anti-Iraqi War sonnet

One of my favorite spots in the woods is Walnut Run, where a stream rushes from its springs in rocky waterfalls down the South Mountain making its way to the Susquehanna River and finally the Chesapeake Bay. Winter and spring it’s pretty easy to get […]