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The Friday Night Apocalypse Stew

… Back in the early 70s in my early 20s while working at a lock and key factory in North Philly, I lost the inspiration to write, and came back to it partly by working on song lyrics, lyrics that there was no music for. […]

Making Mom’s Sauerkraut

… … … My Mother’s Sauerkraut Recipe: … All you need to make sauerkraut is a cabbage, some sea salt, a canning jar and boiling water. … First slice the cabbage into thin slices.
 … Stuff the cabbage into a canning jar as tightly as […]

Some Thoughts, May 2

… With the eye doctor yesterday, during the exam, I discussed diabetes, which I don’t have although it runs in my family, and as everybody knows causes eye damage. The doctor told me of a patient of hers, a man who at the age of […]

The Quiet Pond

… The quiet pond wrote a V when the water spider skidded forth, a V here, V there, the same V that geese make flying south. When a swallow swooped for a quick nip or a bass rose with its wide mouth, an O spread […]

Some Thoughts on Time and Regret

… … When I was teaching in China, I’d tell my students, “Every day I teach wisdom, and if you don’t come to class, you will never get the wisdom that I was giving in the class you missed; you may get other wisdom later, […]

Early November at My Father’s Pond

… I grew up on the property where this pond is now. The pond didn’t used to be there. It was a swamp of springs that produced one mighty stream. My father in the early 70s bulldozed the swamp and made a dam, a beautiful […]

A Good Day in October

… Here it is Sunday already. I am posting some photos from Friday. We left early enough, Akram and I, so that even though I forgot my MOMA membership card, there was time to go back and still have breakfast before we went to see […]

After the Rain: Reflections

… Taking a short cut through Los Campos on my way from Avenue C to 14th Street, hurrying from one place to another, from home to a park bench actually to sit on and read some poetry, I saw a puddle of water, left after […]

September in the South Mountain

… Here hopefully are some pictures that are worth a thousand words, anyway a walk in the woods, a stop by the pond, reflections for awhile of the passing clouds. … … … … … … … … … …

Some thoughts, August 4 — 10

… … August 10 T.S. Eliot looked all over Italy for a statue of a weeping girl. He couldn’t find her, but then one day a real one appeared. How do you say hello to a beautiful woman? Sometimes you don’t, but you write a […]

Writing Daddy Long Legs Blues

… When I was in my early twenties, I took a tent and camped out for a month along Walnut Run, a swift waterfall-filled stream, that splashes down the South Mountain where I grew up in Pennsylvania. I wanted to fast, meditate, read the Gospels, […]

Some Thoughts, July 13 – 19

… Afternoon Wind by Charles Burchfield (1951). … … Fireflies Like smoldering tips of sticks or coals they glow in the grass. Light over all begins to go. Night like a swooping bat comes down the clouds and the white pine Out of the sky […]