Monthly Archives: July 2022

Alicia Ostriker reads from the volcano sequence

  A friend of mine, the Philadelphia poet Joel Colten, on a trip across the USA, stopped to take photographs of Mount Saint Helens, and died when that volcano erupted in 1980. At Joel’s funeral—his body wouldn’t be found for over a year after his […]

NYC From The Inside: NYC through the Eyes of the Poets Who Live Here

  Poets, some famous and some not so famous, have been included in NYC From The Inside: NYC through the Eyes of the Poets Who Live Here. This equanimity makes it a very satisfying eventful anthology. I would like to thank George Wallace and Francine […]

Don Yorty reads from Fucking at KGB

On May 23, 2022, I read at KGB for the Monday Poetry Series curated by John Deming, Jada Gordon and Jason Schneiderman. I was reading with Kate Gale and went on first. When reading a poem or singing a song, once I start, I don’t […]

Three poems with Art Attached: Hightower, Kolm & Yorty

A few months ago, via email, Scott Hightower sent me his poem, “The Young Man Holding an Empty Glass,” accompanied by a nineteenth century painting and his translation in Spanish. Last week in the mail—or was it two weeks ago?—Ron Kolm sent me his poem, […]

Recent Drawings by Akram

After a long spell of not drawing, Akram has begun to draw again. He is very busy, but draws in the breaks and moments that he can. Being able to take the time anywhere seems to be working for him. Here are drawings from the […]

Philip Good reads from Subatomic Moss

  Subatomic Moss is a chapbook of two collaboration poems by Bernadette Mayer and Philip Good recently published by Vehicle Editions. “Collaborations are a crapshoot,” Bernadette says, “but this one worked.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m kind of in love with Subatomic Moss. Bernadette and […]